Tailored programs and services

Since each owner and each dog is unique, we strive to individualize training programs to meet client needs, expectations and dog ability. Each dog has a unique learning style. Once we identify the learning style, we strive to build a positive learning environment. Owners can choose from a variety of training options which include private training at the family home, leaving your dog at the training facility or a combination of the two services.

Special needs and senior dogs

Most likely you have heard that Canada's population is aging. Well, it is happening in the canine world too. Veterinarians say it is common for dogs to reach 15 years or more. While there is limited data, better nutrition and medical care contribute to life expectancy. For example, a Terrier called Max lived to the age of 29 years and 282 days. Max surpassed the previous Guinness record for Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog who lived 29 years and 160 days. While these dogs are the exception, there are indicators that life expectancy is increasing for dogs. Our services are designed to support the needs of your special needs or senior dog.

Scent work and pet detective

If you have a reactive or fearful dog, scent training is the perfect class for your dog. Scent training has therapeutic benefits that help anxious dogs build confidence. Building on the dog's natural ability, our classes explore the basic physiology of the dog's nose and explore how to build drive both within and outside of the classroom. From the basics of scent training your dog can move to become a pet detective. Ask your dog to locate missing items, bring you the slippers, and look for your missing indoor cat.